"Are you OK?"

Ping is a two-way, multi-channel alert and group check-in system to answer the first question when you need it most.

In an emergency, how do you quickly find out whether your family, your team, your friends are safe?

Ping is an initiative of Ushahidi, a Kenya-based non-profit building technology for global good. Ping was borne out of the anxious days following the Westgate mall seige that rocked Nairobi. Most of our team members call Nairobi home and we met together to discuss issues around the seige -- and what we could do to help. One issue we all strongly shared was the hard time we had in checking in with each other.

So we built Ping.

Starting out, we determined a core set of requirements:

  • Small groups, families, and companies need to quickly check in with each other.
  • It has to be something incredibly simple, that requires little thinking to use.
  • The service needs to work on the simplest of phones.
  • Anyone, anywhere in the world should have access to this service.

While we can't stop all violence from happening in the world, we can quickly find out whether our families, friends, and teams are safe.

Ping is currently in a private alpha while we work out the last of the bugs. We expect to release a public beta earlier next year. To receive an announcement of when it's ready, signup here!


We put a lot of thought into Ping so, when you need it, you won't have to.


We have modules that work with half a dozen carriers around the world with more on the way.

Any device

Messages are sent via email or SMS so there's no dependence on the platform or device.


English, French, Spanish, Russian, and more. Fifteen total, in fact. Help us translate new ones!

Contact manager

Create and store contacts with multiple numbers and email addresses for each for multiple points of contact.

User Groups

Add your contacts to a group so you can ping multiple people with the push of a button.

Excellent support

Send a message to our support staff with questions or comments and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Latest News

Our latest updates about product planning, releases, and feedback.


Need more details? Let us know if you're interested in taking it for a spin early.

For partnership inquiries, please email ping-partners[at]ushahidi[dot]com

For technical support, please email ping-support[at]ushahidi[dot]com

For media inquiries, please email ping-media[at]ushahidi[dot]com